Diamond – Omega 3




  • Can fight depression and anxiety – One of the most common mental disorders in the world is depression which causes sadness and lethargy. Omega 3 can help reduce this.
  • Improve eye health – DHA a type of omega-3 has a major structural component of the retina in your eye (60%). When lacking DHA vision problems become a big problem. Omega 3 is also linked with reduced macular degeneration which is one of the world’s leading causes of permanent eye damage and blindness.
  • Promote brain health during pregnancy and early life – Omega 3 is crucial for brain growth and developments in infants. Omega 3 is also linked to children having:
    • higher intelligence
    • better communication and social skills
    • Decreased risk of developmental delay
    • Decreased risk of ADHD, autism, and cerebral palsy
  • Reduce heart problems – Reduces risk factors associated with heart disease, heart attacks and strokes which is the world’s leading cause of death.
  • Reduce blood pressure – Omega 3 can reduce blood pressure levels in people with high blood pressure
  • Blood clots – omega 3 can keep blood platelets from clumping together which reduces the change of harmful blood clots
  • Reduce inflammatory response – inflammation is a natural response to infections and damage in your body but inflammation can persist which leads to long term or chronic inflammation which includes heart disease and cancer



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