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PPNI – Recovery-Max 100 Caps

PPNI – Recovery-Max 100 Caps

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If we are involved in exhaustive training or stressful life situations on a regular basis, our nervous system can become seriously fatigued. If we also take neural fatigue into account (the brain, cerebral cortex, cerebellum etc.) and local nerves (neuromuscular junctions) that join the nervous system and the muscle together, we end up in a massively ‘drained’ and ‘run-down’ state that makes even normal daily functions difficult. This is often referred to as ‘over-training or ‘over-reaching.


When the central nervous system (CNS) is fatigued, the strength and functionality of all major muscle groups will be negatively affected, greatly affecting motivation and mood-state. This can then lead to declines in physical performance and compromised recovery.

Formulated using the following performance factors:

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha may help to contribute to central nervous system recovery and may help rejuvenate the body in debilitated conditions.

Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola Rosea may help to benefit central nervous system recovery and in aiding the immune system.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C aids normal immune system and nervous system function following intense physical exercise.

Magnesium Citrate: Magnesium citrate contributes to a reduction in tiredness & fatigue, aids central nervous system function and normal psychological function.

Selenium: Selenium contributes to proper immune function, aids normal thyroid function & protects cells from oxidative damage.

Zinc: Zinc plays an integral role in DNA synthesis, normal cognitive function, protection of cells from oxidative stress and plays a part in cell division.

Holy Basil: Holy Basil is referenced to help reduce stress & anxiety, protects from stress and aids in protein synthesis.

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